Spain: a government backed by separatists?

There are growing signs that a coalition between the Socialists and the left-wing party Podemos will be able to form a government majority with the backing of the Catalan separatist party ERC. However, in exchange for its support ERC is demanding a signal that the government will obey the ruling from Luxembourg. Some commentators are relieved while others see this as betrayal.

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El Mundo (ES) /

A betrayal of the Kingdom of Spain

Spain must neither allow itself to be blackmailed by separatists nor bow down before the EU, El Mundo writes, incensed:

“Instead of ducking out of the challenges posed by separatism as a state, Sánchez should take the necessary measures to represent Spain's interests more strongly before the EU institutions and courts. ... No one in Europe understands how the politicians whom the Kingdom of Spain has accused of being putschists for the past two years can suddenly become partners in the government and blackmail the public prosecutor's office in the process. This is not about political concessions but about betraying the nation.”

El Periódico de Catalunya (ES) /

Please just get on with governing!

El Periódico de Catalunya hopes a viable government will now take office:

“The signs are favourable for a pact with the Socialists, even if it can't be ruled out that in the end the negotiations will stall again. That would be bad news because Spain needs a government made up of a coalition between the Socialists and Unidas Podemos that gets to work as soon as possible and finds a solution to urgent problems and also a way out of the Catalan conflict.”