Conditions at Danish deportation centre slammed

In a report published on Wednesday, the anti-torture Committee of the Council of Europe strongly criticises the conditions at the Ellebæk deportation centre located north of Copenhagen, concluding that Denmark is trying to induce rejected asylum seekers to return to their home country by making them live in inhumane conditions with little access to fresh air, dirty toilets and no contact with their families. The press is also outraged.

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Politiken (DK) /

Don't let the government get away with this

This policy on foreigners flies in the face of morality, Politiken writes:

“We are talking about people who have not been granted asylum and therefore have no future in Denmark. And yes, there is a problem with rejected asylum seekers who simply disappear. But this doesn't entitle the Danish state to treat people who have committed no crime as if they were the worst of criminals and to jail them under appalling conditions like those in Ellebæk. ... And if the government doesn't acknowledge this, the parties that support it in parliament must exert pressure. Even with policies that are tough on foreigners there is a moral limit. It has now been reached.”

Der Nordschleswiger (DK) /

Absolutely unacceptable

Showing a little compassion also towards rejected asylum seekers surely isn't too much to ask, Der Nordschleswiger concurs:

“You can think what you like about refugees, asylum seekers and foreigners. But as a human being you are measured by how you treat your 'enemies'. ... Both the Council of Europe and the United Nations criticised Denmark on various refugee issues in 2019. But Denmark remains stubborn. One has to ask what we think we can achieve by treating other people badly. There is no reasonable answer to this question. So can we please return to a minimum of decency and humanity?”