Second wave: how to keep morale up?

Restrictions on social contact, uncertainty in planning, new rules for work: after months of pandemic most people still face restrictions in their daily life. And as far as the number of infections is concerned, the indications are that the situation is worsening again almost everywhere. Europe's press reflects on how people can remain optimistic, patient and disciplined.

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Jornal de Notícias (PT) /

Coronavirus must not change us for the worse

With the school start and the approach of the cold months the fear and paranoia surrounding coronavirus are growing, Jornal de Notícias observes, and explains what society needs to do now:

“Believe in freedom and responsibility as values that must be preserved. Don't use health reasons as an excuse to build social, regional, nationalist or generational walls. ... Maintain contact and ties with those who are important to us - knowing that there is no such thing as zero risk, but that deprival of relationships, loneliness and distance can be more damaging to health than any virus. Make plans, despite the awareness that they could be upset at any time. ... The awareness of our fragility must not rob us of our trust in what keeps us going.”

Jyllands-Posten (DK) /

Personal responsibility is the best option

In Denmark the number of new infections is rising and the authorities have introduced new restrictions at the local level. Jyllands-Posten appeals to citizens' sense of responsibility:

“The pandemic will be an invisible enemy for several months to come, if not years, and no, wearing face masks isn't fun. But the alternative is new political measures that force people to make the necessary changes in their behaviour. The fight against coronavirus begins with each individual. However tiresome it may be to wash and disinfect your hands and wear a face mask, it's far better to demonstrate personal responsibility than to have a coercive regime that doesn't correspond at all to the Danish mentality.”

La Libre Belgique (BE) /

Celebrate advances in research

Instead of making dire predictions for the end of the year people should be rejoicing, La Libre Belgique counsels:

“Let's push these clouds aside for a moment! Let's focus on certain exciting developments, especially in the health sector! Science, research, medicine, surgery and neuropsychiatry have made huge advances in recent years. The progress that has been made, especially in the area of mental health, is considerable and allows pain to be relieved, certain hereditary and childhood diseases to be healed more quickly and the pain that sometimes torments us to be diagnosed more precisely. For the first time in human history, it looks like the spread of a pandemic could be curbed by a vaccine produced in just 12 months.”