Independents take city halls in Romania

Romania's local and regional elections produced several surprises on Sunday, when former NGO activists were elected as mayor in the capital Bucharest and in Timișoara in western Romania. While independent candidate Nicuşor Dan prevailed in Bucharest, Dominik Fritz of the newcomer party USR PLUS won in Timişoara. Commentators see major change coming to the country.

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Adevărul (RO) /

Newcomers replacing dinosaurs

Adevărul is full of hope for the country's political future:

“The real success of these elections is that new figures have replaced the old dinosaurs of post-communist politics in Romania. The generation of 30 to 50 year-olds came out to vote in large numbers to express their point of view. This generation wants more than just pensions and salaries. It's demanding good governance and respect from those in power. It's the voice of those who see themselves as Europeans, those who feel they can learn and work anywhere, and those for whom what goes on in society is important, whether it's about a school, a park, an orphanage or an investment project. This trend will also put a lot of pressure on the 'traditional' parties in the parliamentary elections.” (RO) /

People's partnership - a first for Bucharest

PR manager Sorin Barariu is optimistic in

“Certainly, Bucharest has more problems than any city in Transylvania or elsewhere. But for the first time it has the chance to be led by a mayor who could team up with the city's residents. Not 'leading' them, but treating them as partners. However this partnership, which Nicușor Dan has already announced, means that we don't wait to be given things but rather that we demand that our taxes be spent according to our expectations. That would be a first in Bucharest.”