Censorship at Disney Plus?

Since October, classic Disney films such as Peter Pan and The Jungle Book have been shown on Disney Plus with a disclaimer about racist stereotypes. Now the streaming service plans to offer films that contain "negative portrayals and/or abuse of people or cultures" only on the accounts of persons over seven years of age.

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La Vanguardia (ES) /

Learning through contextualisation

La Vanguardia holds that the streaming service has found a good compromise:

“We can't change history just because we don't like it. It's good to know about the mentality and values of the era in which these films were made even if we all agree that they are unacceptable according to current criteria because many of them contain racist or chauvinistic stereotypes. ... Censorship and bans are not the solution. Disney Plus hasn't removed these films from its programme but simply moved them to the adult section. Informing and contextualising without lapsing into rigid revisionism seems to us to be a sensible alternative.”

Le Figaro (FR) /

Imposed caution

Disney Plus is going too far, essayist Sami Biasoni explains in Le Figaro:

“Although the culture of caution is not new in the US, it's unacceptable for it to become the norm, especially in the field of artistic expression. For it is nothing more than the gradual introduction of blind censorship based on a relentless policy of deletion. The postmodern tartuffes are not satisfied with enjoining others to cover the bosom that they do not want to see themselves. They claim the right to explain why the sight of it is oppressive, to publicly warn viewers and impose on everyone the conditions of their salvation.”