What obstacles does Draghi face?

The formation of a new Italian government under Mario Draghi has come to a halt after the Five Star Movement postponed a vote on whether to support it on Wednesday evening. Commentators examine the challenges the prime minister-designate will face once the complicated negotiations are completed.

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Avvenire (IT) /

Don't postpone the Green transition

Avvenire hopes that the fight against climate change will become a priority:

“Too often these days, the debate seems to ignore the fact that the ecological revolution is in full swing on a global scale and we won't be able to be competitive and create jobs if we don't take this into account. ... Yet what is happening at the moment is that in the same publication we find alarmist articles about the climate emergency and the collapse of a dam due to ice melting in the Himalayas on the one hand, and then articles about the priorities of the government programme in which the issue is completely ignored on the other. It's good that signals are coming from prime minister-designate Draghi's consultation room that make it clear that for him the ecological turnaround is a priority.”

Corriere della Sera (IT) /

Get out of the ivory tower and mix with the people

Draghi will hardly be able to steer Italy the way he steered the ECB, warns Corriere della Sera:

“Mario Draghi is certainly the most political of technocrats. But he will have to do what he has perhaps never done before: leave the ivory tower and look people like Beppe Piazza and his colleagues at Embraco [the company is facing bankruptcy and laying off its 400 employees] in the eye; listen with his own ears to what [chef] Filippo La Mantia or any of the more than 1.2 million people who work - or rather worked - in the hospitality industry have to say. In short, he won't just be putting together dossiers, vaccination schedules and reconstruction plans but will have to make a real 'descent into the hell' of reality.”