Greece in a spiral of violence?

After the incident on Sunday another rally against police violence with around 5,000 demonstrators was held in Nea Smyrni on Sunday. Around 200 of the demonstrators clashed with police, and one officer was hospitalised with head injuries. The police used tear gas and water cannons and made several arrests. Observers are dismayed by the growing frequency of such incidents.

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Parallaxi (GR) /

Using violence against violence is also wrong

There can be no justification for inflicting injuries on others, news website Parallaxi admonishes:

“No reasonable person would not feel sad and ashamed at the sight of a fellow human being beaten. No matter who he is - civilian or policeman, politician or a homeless person, Greek or Turk. ... But back to the policeman who was injured in Nea Smyrni: the same applies as with injuries inflicted on civilians yesterday, today and always. Anyone who does not get angry about it forfeits the right to talk about violence against civilians. He loses his moral standing. Especially those who have suffered violence must speak out clearly and unconditionally against violence, no matter where it comes from.”

Avgi (GR) /

Pouring fuel on the fire

For the left-wing daily Avgi it's clear who's to blame for the escalation:

“A huge rally in the Nea Smyrni district against the unrestrained tyranny of the police ended in unprecedented incidents of violence. Those responsible for this have a name. They are [those in government] who chose the strategy of provocation in order to polarise and to evade their criminal responsibility for the mismanagement of the pandemic. Those who systematically pour fuel on the fire so they can accuse the opposition of inciting violence. ... Mr Mitsotakis, it is not the opposition that must affirm that it condemns violence. It is up to the government to show that it is interested in re-establishing normality and social peace.”