Halal or Haram? Vaccination brochure under fire

Policymakers in Europe are facing a new problem: not everyone who has the option to get vaccinated is willing to. In collaboration with Muslim organisations the Danish Health Authority has now published an information brochure, as there is less testing and vaccination in areas with a high Muslim population. The press, however, is not impressed.

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Jydske Vestkysten (DK) /

The state is jeopardising its authority

For Jydske Vestkysten, the initiative is a mistake:

“When a state authority publishes a brochure with the title 'Questions and Answers about Islam and the Covid-19 vaccination', it is bowing most unfortunately to a religion. Not least because many of its followers attach greater value to Islam than to Danish democracy and the Danish state. And this attitude is poisonous for a functioning democracy. Our elected politicians and their officials are the highest authority in Danish society. The image becomes blurred when the health authority seeks this form of cooperation.”

Kristeligt Dagblad (DK) /

Imams don't have that much say

For Kristeligt Dagblad too, the brochure goes too far:

“In practice it will be read as if the authorities were giving their blessing to Islam. In connection with the topic of tests and vaccinations, theological arguments are now being presented regarding what is permitted and what is forbidden - halal or haram. This is strange, especially since many Muslims do not ascribe this much authority to the imams on everyday matters. Only a clear minority of Muslims regularly attend the Friday prayers.”