Cyberattack takes Sweden by surprise

The domino effect of a cyberattack on US IT service provider Kaseya has paralysed hundreds of companies worldwide. The attackers are demanding a ransom of 70 million dollars. Sweden has been particularly hard hit, with the Coop supermarket chain forced to close all 800 of its branches. The national railway network and a pharmacy chain were also affected.

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Svenska Dagbladet (SE) /

Helpless and alone

For Svenska Dagbladet, the attack has hit a sore spot:

“This time we got off lightly, despite the loss of sales revenues and people not being able to shop for food. Next time we might not be so lucky. A foreign power can hit the entire spectrum of critical infrastructures in a society - power supply network, healthcare system, food logistics and information flow. Sweden is ill-prepared for this kind of warfare. And to make matters worse we would be on our own if something really serious were to happen. Estonia, a Nato member since 2004, was able to rely on its allies during the Internet attacks [in 2007]. Who will help Sweden?”

Aftonbladet (SE) /

Cash please!

Aftonbladet calls for a response in a country where electronic payment is the norm:

“Protecting society from cyber crimes and cyber wars is ultimately the responsibility of the state. Key social institutions such as the food retail sector must have robust systems in which, for example, people can pay with cash. And we should make sure we have emergency supplies of cash at home.”