Détente between the US and China?

During a video summit with China's leader Xi Jinping, US President Joe Biden stressed that competition between the two powers must not "veer into conflict". Xi said that challenges such as climate change could only be tackled on the basis of healthy relations. Biden has repeatedly criticised China for its treatment of Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Uighurs. Commentators welcome the new tone in the dialogue between the two leaders.

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Keskisuomalainen (FI) /

Dialogue prevents war

For Keskisuomalainen the two powers are sending signals that are both important and good:

“Last week the two countries announced that they would intensify their cooperation in the field of climate protection - and quickly at that. Now at the beginning of the meeting both presidents spoke out in favour of better communication. The meeting in itself is a positive signal for the rest of the world. In an atmosphere of mistrust, war could inadvertently break out. In the realm of big politics creating trust and improving communication are always to be welcomed.”

Večernji list (HR) /

At least progress compared with Trump era

Although the meeting didn't produce specific results it is a step in the right direction, Večernji list agrees:

“It would be wrong to call the virtual summit a failure. The very fact that a dialogue was established between Beijing and Washington is a huge relief compared to the times of Donald Trump, who tried to use China to prove his determination and power in international relations, even if this policy didn't bring any concrete results for the US side. For more concrete results and a true improvement in these troubled relations on which the future and security of the rest of the world also depends, much more discussion and political will will be needed.”

La Repubblica (IT) /

Agreement also in Europe's interest

The US and China are counting on a "cold peace", La Repubblica concludes:

“On one point Washington and Beijing agree: the fierce competition between the two superpowers can and must be managed. The risk of a conflict, whether intentional or unintentional, is too great, and the consequences would be far too costly for both sides. Based on this conviction, Joe Biden and Xi Jinping have begun to negotiate the rules of the game for a cold peace, not a new cold war. ... Europe, while fearing a new bipolarity, has every interest in such an agreement. Only once it grasps that geopolitics and economics can no longer be separated will Europe attain global influence.”