Treat Covid like the flu?

Spain is signalling a change its approach on Covid: Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez said on Monday that the Covid pandemic is no longer so deadly, and that an endemic situation is developing. Consequently Covid should be treated more like the flu, with less drastic monitoring of cases. The European press sees risks in the move.

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La Vanguardia (ES) /

Don't relax too soon

La Vanguardia doesn't believe the danger has been averted:

“The changing nature of the pandemic is now beginning to show a somewhat friendlier face. ... Its constant evolution seems to be bringing it closer to what has been defined as influenzaisation. ... In a way, these signs anticipate the plan that public health authorities are preparing to monitor Covid in the same way as they monitor common flu. ... But although there are hopeful signs, the evolution of the virus doesn't relieve any of the players involved in this fight of their obligations. ... The success of the fight against Covid depends on the responsibility and commitment of all these players.”

Jornal de Notícias (PT) /

A risky but courageous step

Jornal de Notícias looks to Spain:

“Our foresight in terms of SARS-Cov2 is increasing. This means that we must be able to opt for less and less stringent measures as more and more people come into contact with the virus, bearing in mind that the vast majority of the population has already been vaccinated. The Spanish government is preparing to change everything. In other words to stop counting the cases and requiring proof at the slightest sign of infection. Covid is therefore to be regarded as just another respiratory disease. This step is as risky as it is courageous.”

De Telegraaf (NL) /

Current approach is unsustainable

The Dutch government's Covid policy is unsustainable, De Telegraaf complains:

“The measures were necessary from a health perspective, but mental issues, learning gaps, the loss of healthy years of life due to suspended treatments and other problems are piling up. The new government must grasp that the current Covid policy cannot be continued indefinitely. If the virus is here to stay, our country cannot be thrown completely off course by every new wave of infections. In Spain they are devising interesting plans to treat Covid like an ordinary flu. The Netherlands must consider following suit. It's time for a broader vision and a different approach.”