EU summit in Versailles: results too vague?

The EU plans to earmark another 500 million euros in weapons and equipment for the Ukrainian military. At the same time, it has dampened Kyiv's hopes of joining the Union any time soon. The European press analyses the reasons.

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Pravda (SK) /

EU sending unclear signals

Pravda is deeply disappointed by the EU summit:

“Of course, EU membership is a long way off for Ukraine, which is a country at war. Nevertheless a strong political signal was expected. In vain. It also remained unclear how we will proceed when peace is restored. ... We are also seeking access to Russia in vain. We may be relying too heavily on broad-based sanctions to break the Russian economy, force Putin to negotiate and end the invasion. What if exactly the opposite is achieved? Several experts point to the wrong approach after World War I, when the crackdown on defeated Germany led to radicalisation and eventually the Nazi takeover of power.”

La Libre Belgique (BE) /

The EU must show its resolve

The EU states demonstrated cohesion once again at the summit, but there is a risk of disunity and dithering when it comes to implementing the agreed-on steps, observes La Libre Belgique:

“In Versailles, European leaders half-heartedly affirmed their support for Ukraine's 'European aspirations' but they couldn't conceal the divisions over its potential EU accession. They pledged to become independent of Russian hydrocarbons, but had difficulties agreeing on a timetable, as some are more dependent on them than others. It is when it comes to making the most difficult decisions that the EU will have to show its cohesion and resolve.”

Népszava (HU) /

Other countries have been waiting longer

Ukraine's accelerated accession could lead to tensions among the EU's neighbours, Népszava observes:

“EU membership of Ukraine is a sensitive issue not only because of the conditions that would have to be met. For example, how would Montenegro or Serbia, which have been waiting for years for any progress, react to Kyiv being allowed to become a member of the community sooner than them? And how to explain that to North Macedonia, which wasn't even allowed to become a membership candidate despite having already fulfilled so many criteria?”

Adevărul (RO) /

Some parties benefit from a long war

Europe, now starting to feel the first effects of the war, is trying by all means to bring it to a quick end. But the same cannot be said of everyone, Adevărul says:

“Certain US measures seem to indicate that it has an interest in engaging Russia in a protracted conflict that will deprive it of resources, prevent it from acting on other fronts, weaken its relations with China and potentially lead to a collapse of the Putin regime. It is also likely that for many reasons Russia does not want the war to last much longer either. But the Kremlin, as well as large parts of Russian society, are prepared to endure it if there is no other solution.”