Danes vote to abolish defence opt-out

Against the backdrop of Russia's war in Ukraine, a majority of Danes have voted in a referendum to abolish the country's EU defence opt-out. What does the clear majority of 66.9 percent mean for the country's European policy?

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Jyllands-Posten (DK) /

A clear signal to Europe and Putin

At the decisive moment the Danes have shown themselves to be resolutely European, Jyllands-Posten applauds:

“When push comes to shove there is no doubt: Denmark belongs to core Europe. That is the clear message sent by a majority of voters. Thank you. [The opt-out] was and is deeply damaging to Denmark's relationship with the EU. ... [Prime Minister] Mette Frederiksen put it clearly: this is a great victory for Denmark's position in Europe. Denmark has sent a clear signal to Europe and a clear signal to Putin. ... Such rare unity emerges when events occur that are bigger than oneself.”

Politiken (DK) /

Let there be more referendums

Politiken hopes for stronger integration into the EU:

“The abolishment of the defence opt-out confirms the generational contract that runs like a thread through history: from Europe's resurrection after the Second World War to the uncertain future that lies ahead, and which we can best face as a European community into which we are now even more closely integrated. May the convincing 'yes' in the referendum lead to new political self-confidence and make clear: it is absolutely possible to win EU referendums in Denmark. Soon the time will be ripe for a serious discussion about when to hold a referendum on the next EU opt-out.”