Capitol attack: witness incriminates Trump

A former White House aide under Donald Trump has heavily incriminated the ex-president. Testifying before the US Select Committee on the January 6 attack on the Capitol, she said that Trump did everything in his power to get to the protesters and knew that they were in possession of weapons. Media voice concern about the state of democracy.

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Irish Independent (IE) /

Don't write Trump off yet

Even incriminating statements such as these are unlikely to dissuade Trump's supporters, The Irish Independent suspects:

“Another vital piece of the jigsaw has been put in place. It builds a picture that appears to show Mr Trump was prepared to go to any lengths to subvert the transfer of US presidential power. ... Such an alarming account of meltdown in the cockpit of the most powerful country in the world should be enough to demolish any further chances of a second coming for Mr Trump. But so polarised has American politics become, and so strong is the chokehold that Mr Trump still has over his party, that it is too soon to write him off.”

Népszava (HU) /

Democracy comes first

Commitment to democracy should not be dependent on a person's political views, says Népszava:

“On Tuesday we got to know Cassidy Hutchinson, who already knows in her twenties that preserving democracy is more important than who wins an election. After her testimony before Congress, threatening and insulting messages rained down on the young employee of the presidential apparatus. However it's too late: the noose around the heads of those who planned the coup is tightening. Sometimes, when things get stormy even conservative right-wingers know where their place is. ... That is enough for now. Tax, abortion and other issues can be discussed later.”