Slovakia: governing coalition collapsing

The collapse of Slovakia's conservative government under Prime Minister Eduard Heger seems increasingly likely after Economy Minister Richard Sulík announced his party's withdrawal from the four-party coalition government in the wake of a bitter dispute with Finance Minister Igor Matovič. If convened, a snap election election could see the camp led by ex-PM Robert Fico taking power once more. Commentators are dismayed.

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Pravda (SK) /

Quarrels instead of crisis management

This government is simply incapable of leading the country normally, Pravda complains:

“And this at a time when there is no greater priority than to help a society plagued by existential fears to cope with rising prices for basic foodstuffs and energy. ... Instead of fulfilling the government's programme in a confident and calm manner, the politicians have only been concerned with their own disputes and conflicts from the very beginning. Such conflicts exist in any coalition. But the conflicts within this coalition are probably the most intense in Europe.”

Lidové noviny (CZ) /

Fight against corruption in jeopardy

Lidové noviny worries about what could come after the current government is voted out:

“It would be optimal if the current coalition continued despite all the quarrels. Two years ago it initiated a cleansing process in society, which was so necessary after the murder of journalist Ján Kuciak and his girlfriend Martina Kušnírová. Should the coalition break apart, the fight against corruption could also come to a standstill. ... Early elections would most likely not be won by the current governing coalition.”