Turkey: CHP calls for law protecting headscarves

Against the backdrop of the protests in Iran, the headscarf has become a key issue in Turkey again. Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, the leader of CHP, Turkey's largest opposition party, has called for a law guaranteeing the right to wear a headscarf. The secular CHP has fierecly opposed religious symbols in public institutions in the past.

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Hürriyet (TR) /

Erdoğan should be grateful

Kılıçdaroğlu has given both the AKP and President Erdoğan a boost in the election campaign, Hürriyet stresses:

“Erdoğan pointed to the CHP's past regarding the headscarf ban [lifted by the AKP in 2013]. ... And he was able to spotlight his own struggle to have the ban lifted. In this way he reminded the conservatives in these times of economic difficulties that the problem is not two kilos of tomatoes, but the persecution of the headscarf. Erdoğan should be forever grateful to Kılıçdaroğlu for this opportunity.”

Sözcü (TR) /

Opposition seeking to reassure conservatives

The CHP wants clear regulations in order to dispel the rumours being spread by government circles, Sözcü believes:

“[The AKP could argue in the election campaign] that if the CHP comes to power, it will reintroduce the headscarf ban and women will be forbidden to cover themselves. This idea has been carefully nurtured over the summer. In particular topics that are sensitive issues for conservative voters have been brought to the fore once more. Does anyone believe this? No doubt there are people who do. Moreover, it was clear that these baseless accusations would remain on the agenda secretly or openly until the June 2023 elections. The CHP is now trying to deprive the government of this political leverage.”