EU Parliament: Russia sponsors terrorism

The European Parliament has declared Russia to be a state sponsor of terrorism. The resolution, which accuses Moscow of "deliberate attacks and atrocities" against the civilian population in Ukraine, was approved by a clear majority of 494 MEPs, with 58 votes against it and 44 abstentions. Europe's press discusses the consequences.

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Radio Kommersant FM (RU) /

Moral pressure for the time being

Despite the harsh choice of words, the consequences for Russia will be minimal for the time being, Radio Kommersant FM believes:

“How ready is the Western world to completely isolate its former partner? The answer: it is not yet ready for this. If only because there is no consensus on this issue in Western society. Moreover, there are still varying degrees of economic dependence. If this is gradually overcome, isolation may become a reality. But for the time being such resolutions are simply an element of moral pressure on Russia and its allies, because not everyone will risk doing business with a sponsor of terrorism.”

Telegraf (UA) /

You can't negotiate with such a state

The pressure on Ukraine to enter negotiations with Moscow should ease after this decision, Telegraf comments, citing political scientist Petro Oleshchuk:

“Russia's classification as a state sponsor of terrorism automatically makes it impossible to put pressure on Ukraine to force it to enter peace talks with the Kremlin or to make compromise decisions. There can be no concessions for terrorists. That is clear to everyone now.”

Večernji list (HR) /

Call it by its proper name

There were attacks on civilian infrastructure during the Croatian war, too, Večernji list points out, stressing that it is high time to outlaw such crimes:

“Nowadays the situation is different and there is a growing determination to classify the cutting off of electricity, heating, water and food supplies for civilians in the harsh conditions of the Ukrainian winter as a serious war crime. Because it puts the lives and survival of millions of civilians at risk. ... So Russia is supporting terrorism. Now we have to wait for the resolution to gain impetus with the European Commission's reaffirmation.”