Critical vacuum after Slovakia's government ousted?

Slovakia's conservative-populist minority government has been toppled by a vote of no confidence. The motion came from the liberal SaS party, which until September was itself part of the governing coalition. Its criticism was mainly directed at Finance Minister Igor Matovič, who it claimed was abusing his office to carry out acts of revenge against political opponents. The national press voices satisfaction with the outcome.

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Pravda (SK) /

Good riddance!

Shortly before the vote of no confidence was held, Matovič tried to avert it by handing in a letter of resignation which, however, he immediately withdrew. Pravda sighs:

“Slovakia is breathing a sigh of relief, because this endless chaos has long been unbearable. However, it must be said that our country faces only bad and even worse alternatives. We have no magic wand that can give us new politicians. ... The way Igor Matovič handed his letter of resignation to an employee of the presidential office shortly before the vote, only to snatch it from his hands a little later, is indeed a 'dignified end' to his work in the government. That alone should disqualify him as a politician.”

Denník N (SK) /

Things can't get any worse

Denník N's editor-in-chief Matúš Kostolný expresses relief:

“Slovak politics has never seen so much incompetence, treachery, anger, aggression, chaos and completely pointless quarreling, disputes and conflicts. ... The fall of a government is always a difficult thing. Not only for the politicians' wounded egos, but also for the country. Under normal circumstances the fall of the government means a loss of stability, chaos and uncertainty. In this case, however, things look different. It is hard to imagine the situation can get any worse from tomorrow on.”