Climate lawsuit against Europe

Six young people from Portugal are suing 32 European countries before the European Court of Human Rights in their fight for stronger climate protection measures. They accuse politicians of leading humanity towards a climate catastrophe through their inaction. The commentary columns welcome the lawsuit.

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Público (PT) /

A constructive form of protest

Público praises the six youths activism for not involving violence:

“This trial also shows that in a democracy the word is a powerful weapon. This group of young people, supported by a non-profit organisation, has spared no effort: they have given interviews in which they present their arguments to media all over the world. In their schools and in their communities, they have explained: the climate targets were set because we are all threatened. We are not meeting them. ... Communication by word of mouth, democratic debate and information are much more effective than the violent act of throwing green eggs at a minister. That is also why this trial is so important.”

La Stampa (IT) /

An expression of the loss of trust in politics

The young people are suing for a better future, La Stampa explains:

“Their generation will suffer the damage while today's generations are exempt. ... The result will perhaps be a ruling that constitutes another top-level document that underlines the gravity and urgency of the situation. ... A new voice - this time a judicial one - with the limits that apply to court decisions. It reveals the distrust of politics expressed by the Portuguese youths' lawsuit.”