Blockade on the Polish-Ukrainian border

Polish farmers have blocked several border crossings with Ukraine in protest against EU agricultural policy and imports of cheap agricultural products from Ukraine. A video circulated on social media showing angry farmers opening Ukrainian goods wagons and spilling grain onto a train track. An indefensible action, commentators write.

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Rzeczpospolita (PL) /

A windfall for Kremlin propaganda

The farmers' protest is hurting Poland's reputation, writes Rzeczpospolita:

“The destruction of food is deeply unethical. In view of all the hunger in the world, dumping Ukrainian wheat on the road is a moral crime. It is also disastrous for Poland's image. Shortly before the two-year anniversary of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, pictures of Polish farmers destroying grain from the country fighting Russia are circling the world. There could be nothing better for the Kremlin's propaganda. And it brings our country into disrepute. After all, restoring Poland's reputation in the world was one of the promises made by the new coalition government.” (UA) /

Open dialogue can help

Both sides must work together to develop sustainable mechanisms for cooperation, writes Volodymyr Omelyan, former minister for infrastructure and now a soldier, in

“Twenty years ago Poland was to the EU what Ukraine is to Poland today. Without war and casualties, but with an economy that was barely alive after the Soviet occupation. Poland is worried that Ukraine will get its subsidies from Brussels after joining the EU and Nato. ... Yes, we are talking about a time horizon of about 20 years, but these years will pass very quickly. ... That is why we need to talk intensively and openly with Warsaw about everything in order to establish mechanisms today that will contribute to the prosperity of our states and strengthen the stability of the region.”

Olena Monova (UA) /

Brussels must intervene

The EU should put its foot down because Ukraine's defence capabilities are also at stake here, writes blogger Olena Monova on Facebook:

“In my opinion, this issue is now so critical that it urgently needs to be brought to pan-European platforms - all of them. Poland is a member of the EU and the current situation at the border is in direct violation of all laws and regulations. Six checkpoints on the Polish side of the border are currently blocked. The situation is particularly critical at the Yahodyn-Dorohusk border crossing, where goods traffic has come to a complete standstill. Even humanitarian and perishable goods as well as fuel are not being allowed through. This has a direct impact on our defence capabilities.”