Presumed IS terrorists arrested in Germany

German security forces on Thursday arrested three men who according to the authorities were planning an attack in Düsseldorf on behalf of the IS terrorist organisation. Some commentators express relief and praise the work of the security services. Others complain that we are too quick to forget the threat of terrorism.

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Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (DE) /

What the people should do now

It's a miracle that the plans didn't lead to an attack, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung sighs in relief:

“It's wise not to accuse the security services of dismantling the rule of law every time they say they need new means of 'surveillance'. Because they're the ones who made this miracle possible. In the present case the plans for the attack may have been uncovered due to statements of a defector. But only surveillance can shed light on the perpetrators' methods, intentions and resources. On the other hand it doesn't help to cast doubt on the powers of resistance of civil society and the state - and in so doing fall for the terrorists' strategy. Unfortunately, even a foiled terrorist attack can spread the sort of mood that all forms of terrorism rely on: fear, irrational behaviour and division.”

Die Welt (DE) /

IS far from beating a retreat

It's stunning how quickly a society can collectively suppress all thoughts of a threat, Die Welt writes in amazement:

“After a short phase of media uproar in the wake of the Brussels attacks, the threat of terror has once more receded into the background there as well. And this despite the fact that intense debate on how we can effectively protect ourselves from the threat is more necessary than ever. Moreover, we haven't progressed one inch on the question of which strategic offensive role Germany can play in the European alliance to destroy the IS at its roots in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere. Merely repeating that the fictitious ceasefire in Syria must be respected and the peace talks resumed is not enough. Because despite occasional reports of success the IS is anything but on the retreat, as these latest events once again remind us.”