Which country is next after the UK?

Across the EU Eurosceptics are rubbing their hands in glee over the outcome of the Brexit referendum and hoping that their own countries will hold a referendum on EU membership. Commentators fear a wave of exits and call on governments to take measures to avoid this.

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Hotnews (RO) /

Putin delighted over victory of nationalism

Nationalist movements have been given an enormous boost, Hotnews believes:

“The biggest fear is that the precedent-setting British decision will prompt other countries to leave the EU. Even if the Eurosceptics' slogans are about immigration, countries like Romania, Bulgaria and above all Orbán's Hungary won't be immune to outbreaks of nationalism. ... Nationalist and populist parties will now adopt a more self-confident attitude vis-à-vis Brussels and - if they come to power - also demand their countries' autonomy from the EU. ... All of this further encourages Putin's Russia to support nationalist, traditionalist, and Orthodox movements and to invest in demonising Brussels.”

De Volkskrant (NL) /

Governments must pull emergency brake

If other EU governments want to stop the advance of the Eurosceptics in their countries they must demand powers back from Brussels, De Volkskrant argues:

“If the British manage to exit the EU and retain the economic advantages without having to put up with the perceived disadvantages (number one: freedom of movement for workers from Eastern Europe) the Nexit camp will be provided with powerful arguments. Unless, that is, the 27 remaining members use the current momentum to finally curb the EU's decision-making powers. Everything must be negotiable - including backward steps. … The fight against further disintegration must begin by acknowledging that integration progressed too quickly for large groups of Western Europeans. Sooner or later they are bound to pull the brake, in the Netherlands too, if the heads of government themselves don't do so convincingly.”

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