Greek letter bomb explodes in IMF offices

A letter bomb exploded in the Paris offices of the International Monetary Fund on Thursday. According to preliminary investigations the package was sent from Greece. The incident came after the Greek terrorist group the Conspiracy of Fire Cells claimed responsibility for a parcel bomb that was sent to German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble. While many Greek media outlets voice concern about the country's image, others take a more humorous view of the affair.

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What terrorism and feta cheese have in common

Web portal Protagon makes fun of the whole incident:

“Someone puts something in a package, adds the names [of Nea Dimokratia MPs] Adonis Georgiadis and Vasilis Kikilias as the senders and sends the package on its way to the unfortunate recipient. At least Greece's postal service can congratulate itself on the fact that it actually got a delivery to its destination. But let's be serious now: Greece doesn't just export companies that are relocating to our neighbours in droves to flee our wild taxation system. Greece is now exporting (post) terrorism. That's like feta cheese, a national product with a protected designation of origin.”

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Zero tolerance for terrorists

There is nothing funny about the incident, To Vima admonishes:

“Instead of drawing attention to ourselves by exporting goods and services, the Greeks are in the international limelight for exporting terrorism. These letter bombs are the worst thing that could happen to a country that is living in a state of insecurity and seeking allies to help it get back on its feet. … The tolerance of violence and anti-system actions that has been cultivated during the crisis years has enabled certain groups to play around with bombs and weapons and put human lives in danger while casting themselves as our self-appointed saviours. … This is not the first time this has happened. And once again we have sad confirmation of the laxity and incompetence of public services and public organisations.”