What can be posted on Facebook?

The Guardian published internal Facebook documents on Sunday purportedly showing what the social network's moderators let users get away with and when it intervenes. According to the leaked documents Facebook's 4,500 moderators are struggling to cope with their workload owing to the large amount of content. Journalists stress the responsibility the company bears and predict that it will introduce tougher rules.

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Irish Examiner (IE) /

Influence means responsibility

Facebook's rules of deletion must be particularly stringent given that they apply for everyone, The Irish Examiner demands:

“This one-size-fits-all response seems indifferent to varying cultural beliefs that might not support such latitude. Equally, it is very difficult to believe that showing traumatised individuals self-harming might not encourage rather than dissuade others from doing the same. Violence is, after all, the ultimate expression of failure and any sane, caring society would do all it can to marginalise it. ... Advancing technology is changing our world but unless we manage this particular evolution we will lose far more than we might gain. Facebook must understand that the influence it enjoys carries great responsibilities.”

El Mundo (ES) /

Facebook fighting to save its reputation

Facebook will assume more responsibility for fake news and hate speech spread via the social network, El Mundo predicts:

“As a private company Facebook can apply any control measures it sees fit or allow a particular type of content to spread freely as long as it doesn't break the law. But the debate about Facebook's role - and by extension that of all social networks - goes deeper, especially in view of their unprecedented level of influence. Is Facebook a mere vehicle for content shared by third parties with their network of contacts? Or on the contrary, is it also responsible for the veracity of that content and for ensuring that it respects human rights and dignity? Right now there is no answer to this question, although the interest showed by those in charge at Facebook in limiting the damage to its reputation seems to indicate that it's moving in the latter direction.”