Trump guest of honour in France

After Trump's visit to Paris last week, Macron has positioned himself at the heart of European diplomacy. Some journalists hope the French president will be able to do more to integrate the US president in international politics. Others doubt whether Macron can fulfil the high expectations he has created.

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Deutschlandfunk (DE) /

A diplomatic tour de force

Deutschlandfunk is greatly impressed by Macron's foreign policy skills:

“Again and again Macron talked to his guest of the long and meaningful history of the bonds that unite the two countries. He addressed Trump as the successor to great US presidents, making him part of Franco-American history, and - at least for two days - once again part of the concert of the West and Western values - a tour de force of individual diplomacy. Trump isn't about to end his 'America first' policy, but engaging him in dialogue in this way could bode better for the future than the brusque rejection shown to him by the experienced German Chancellor Merkel.”

El Mundo (ES) /

Macron's risky ambitions

Macron has set the bar high for himself with his self-appointed leading role, El Mundo observes:

“At a time when Europe's institutions are losing credibility and Merkel is focussed on the German elections in September Macron is using this opportunity to reinforce his image as the leader capable of reactivating the Old Continent's role in global geopolitics. … Trump has indicated that there could be a change in the US's rejection of the Paris Climate Agreement. And in recent days Merkel has shown willingness to discuss France's proposals for a budget for the Eurozone and the appointment of a European minister of finance. His powerful agenda and the fact that his actions are beginning to determine Brussels's course are setting him up as the strongest leader in the EU. Now he must prove he can live up to the high expectations. This is a risk he decided to take with the ambitious goals he set for himself.”

La Tribune de Genève (CH) /

Macron's clever calculation

The state visit could pay off for Macron, La Tribune de Genève believes:

“Emmanuel Macron will certainly not be able to move Trump to change his mind regarding the need to fight climate change. Nevertheless the images of Bastille Day broadcast on television channels across the world put him firmly among the world's great leaders. In the negotiations on Syria, France knows that in moving closer to Washington it can regain its place at the negotiating table. Regarding counter-terrorism, it needs American financial support to reinforce the G5 Sahel group, which it established together with five African countries. After all the pomp in Versailles for Vladimir Putin, Macron had to take things up a notch for his American ally. Mission accomplished today on the Champs-Elysées.”

Causeur (FR) /

US president must not be flattered

Macron has gone too far with his invitation to Donald Trump, author Pierre Brunet writes in Causeur:

“Yes, it was right to invite US soldiers to parade together with French soldiers on Bastille Day because many US soldiers died on French soil in the course of the two world wars - partly for us. And it's right to talk face to face with those who don't share our views - with Putin, Trump or whoever. But what he shouldn't have done was to flatter the irresponsible behaviour, the contempt, the vulgarity, the ignorance and the destructive arrogance of the leader of the most powerful country in the world.”

Lidové noviny (CZ) /

Not just "America First!"

Emmanuel Macron, Donald Trump and Angela Merkel have one thing in common, Lidové noviny observes:

“Unlike Trump, the Europeans are purportedly standard bearers of openness and cooperation. But that's an illusion. Certainly, Macron is far more refined than Trump. Nevertheless he's saying - nicely - nothing other than 'France First!' ... And Merkel? She is a very polite and competent politician capable of leading Europe, which even Trump recognises. But she too insists on 'Germany First!' and rejects France's demand for Eurobonds. Yes, Europe's leaders behave much better than Trump. With regard to content, however, their behaviour is often not so very different.”

El Periódico de Catalunya (ES) /

Macron ramping up the diplomacy

In his short time as French president Macron as already received Putin, Merkel and Trump. Periódico de Catalunya doubts, however, that his diplomatic offensive will come to anything:

“Macron presents himself as the man who can get on with the three major powers struggling with troubled relations. … France and the United States, for their part, have major differences of opinion when it comes to global trade and climate protection. But at least they are working together in the fight against terror and the Syria conflict. As we saw at the recent G20 summit, Macron is unlikely to convince Trump of his views, but at least he'll enhance France's role on the international stage.”