No more divorce by mouse click in Denmark

In Denmark it has been possible up to now for married couples to divorce by mouse click. A law supported by all parties in parliament stipulates that as of April 2019 couples with children must go through a three-month reflection phase before a divorce is possible. How much sense does the new regulation make?

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Kristeligt Dagblad (DK) /

Don't rush things when emotions are involved

Kristeligt Dagblad praises the content of the new law:

“It is particulary commendable that the politicians have reached a consensus that it shouldn't be so easy to get a divorce when a couple has children. ... It's hard to tell whether these three months will actually be able to save marriages at this point. On the other hand a time for reflection can hardly be detrimental when emotions are involved. ... But the key aspect is perhaps that the child's wellbeing is the focus during the entire process. To this end, special facilities are also to be set up which will be dedicated to ensuring their wellbeing.”

Berlingske (DK) /

Reflection is unnecessary

Berlingske rejects the legally required reflection phase:

“Even the term 'reflection phase' smacks of a know-it-all state. So you want to leave your unfaithful husband or drunken wife - well think it over again, please. As if three months will make any difference. As if anyone in that situation has not already thought it through again and again.… Overall, the law has certain merits because it introduces a family court and departments which are completely dedicated to the welfare of the child.… The reflection phase, on the other hand, is simply patronising and should not have been included.”