How destructive is Trump's anti-media ranting?

US President Trump has once again made the headlines with attacks against the media. This time he called journalists "horrible, horrendous people" and said much of the press was an "enemy of the people". While some commentators say it's just a matter of time before Trump gets caught in the trap of his own lies, others warn that his excesses must not become the norm.

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Dagens Nyheter (SE) /

The world must not become immune

Dagens Nyheter warns against shrugging off the president's excesses:

“Donald Trump is a threat and unpredictable, he lies and incites discontent. He hits out at the weak and fraternises with other narcissistic leaders - and he holds the most important post in the world. It can be a pain to write - and read - all these articles about Donald Trump. Barely a day goes by without him lashing out wildly. That's nothing new, it's just the way he is. But precisely the fact that his excesses are becoming the norm - with new standards being set as to what it is acceptable for a certain person to do - is one of the most dangerous things about the situation. The world must not become immune. As long as he remains president, Donald Trump will be a security risk.”

Financial Times (GB) /

The truth will out in the end

With all his lies the US president simply won't be able to keep his head above water in the long term, the Financial Times is convinced:

“At some point, reality will also catch up with Mr Trump. It could be the damage done to American industry and agriculture by the US president's trade wars. It could be the collapse of his self-proclaimed diplomatic triumph in North Korea. Or, it could be the judicial process unleashed by Robert Mueller, the special counsel investigating alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 election. ... The assault on truth is one of the great problems of our time. But history provides some reassurance. Ultimately, the truth will out.”

La Libre Belgique (BE) /

Trump riding roughshod over American values

The US president continues to gleefully divide his country, La Libre Belgique notes:

“Anywhere else such behaviour on the part of a head of state would be considered undignified. That's all the more true in a country that flatters itself on being the most powerful democracy in the world, and that venerates its constitution (whose first amendment sanctifies the freedom of expression and information) like no other. Donald Trump's campaign against the press is irrational. It's dishonest. It runs counters to the fundamental values of the United States. But above all it's dangerous, because it fuels hatred against a profession and those who work in it.”