Turkey announces military offensive in Syria

Turkish President Erdoğan has announced a new offensive against the Kurdish YPG militia in northern Syria. Ankara combats the presence of the YPG on the Turkish border because the militia is closely allied with the PKK. The Kurds in Syria receive military support and weapons from the US because they are fighting the IS militia, however. For that reason Washington's reaction will be decisive, Turkish media believe.

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Hürriyet Daily News (TR) /

US allies could stop Turkey

The US has a key role to play in the looming offensive, Hürriyet Daily News stresses:

“Now the issue is how the US will behave in the face of the Turkish military's operation in the region. For instance, can the US attempt to prevent the movement of Turkish jets on the basis of its air supremacy in the region? ... Turkey's expectation is that the US avoids any behavior that will lead to conflict between the two ally countries on the Syrian front. This will truly be a disaster for both countries as well as Nato.”

Yeni Şafak (TR) /

Don't stab us in the back!

The pro-government daily Yeni Şafak makes an appeal to the opponents of the offensive in Turkey:

“Your anger with Erdoğan over domestic issues must not stand in the way of the future of our country and our centuries-old political history! That would be hugely selfish. Don't try to pitch this as innocent concern or a sensible idea.”