Estonia's far-right party announces programme

The far-right Estonian party Ekre, which is currently third in the polls, has published its programme for the parliamentary elections on 3 March 2019. Estonian commentators take a close look and discover some interesting parallels.

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Postimees (EE) /

Fishing in leftist waters

In its electoral programme the far-right party is modelling itself on European parties, Postimees notes:

“A glance at the programmes of movements taken to be nationalist or right-wing reveals policy statements that were traditionally found on the left, particularly regarding economic and social policy. One good example is Marine Le Pen and her Rassemblement National, which calls for the nationalisation of French banks and whose most fervent supporters live in regions that used to vote Communist. Since those who vote for the populists have leftist expectations on economic and social policy, it's no wonder that the populists are now fishing in what used to be social democratic waters.”

Eesti Päevaleht (EE) /

Blatantly contradictory promises

Eesti Päevaleht can't take the programme seriously:

“On the one hand it promises to substantially cut taxes and other sources of government revenue, on the other, pensions, state investments and benefits are to increase. The contradictions are so blatant that it will be impossible to fulfil the promises. ... Naturally, mass immigration is to be prevented - but there is no explanation as to how. The actual solution is hidden between the lines. Estonia will be driven to bankruptcy with this short-term economic orgy. Give Ekre the power and one day, when hundreds of millions of people decide to march from Africa to Estonia, the country will be so poor that they'll turn back again.”