Outrage over video of yellow vest demonstration

A video of the yellow vest protests on Saturday in Paris shows demonstrators taunting police by telling them to kill themselves. The prosecutor's office in Paris has now opened an investiation to find those who might be prosecuted for a group offence toward persons exercising public authority. Police officers have been demonstrating for better working conditions, complaining that the number of police suicides has doubled since the start of the year. Commentators are appalled by the behaviour of the demonstrators.

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L'Opinion (FR) /

Prevent self-destruction of democracy

The demonstrators are endangering democracy, warns L'Opinion:

“This extremist mob is sowing hatred to reap chaos. Because to attack the principle of authority is to undermine authority itself. For when words become more savage, actions also become more savage, as historian Mona Ozouf wrote in [the new magazine] Zadig. Because a state that is constantly under siege conveys the impression of a shaky government, a vacuum that can be filled with violence - in the name of the people of course. For these reasons the investigations with which the Paris security forces have been tasked must be continued until they are completed. Against the self-destruction of our democracy.”

La Libre Belgique (BE) /

Brutal reality visible once more

The French sense of unity that was displayed last week has subsided once more, La Libre Belgique laments:

“In the hours after the Notre-Dame fire we witnessed a wave of solidarity all across France. It gave those who are fighting for social cohesion fresh hope. ... The terrible events of the weekend are a brutal reminder that the reality is no less brutal. That France is experiencing this crisis should sadden but also alarm us. Because the ingredients that have led to all these excesses are also to be found in its neighbouring countries, starting with Belgium. And nothing indicates that we will be immune to the hatred that appears to be fuelling the hearts of a marginal group in French society.”