Trump praises Johnson and recommends hard Brexit

In an interview with The Sun shortly before his state visit to Britain, US President Donald Trump has expressed his support for Boris Johnson in the latter's bid to become Theresa May's successor. And speaking with The Sunday Times he said that Britain should quit the EU with no deal if need be. Is Trump the right partner in these difficult times?

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The Sun (GB) /

Make an effort with the US president

Britain would do well to receive the US president with full honours, The Sun advises:

“His foreign policy, which establishment commentators around the globe have lined up to attack, is far more sophisticated than anybody gives it credit for. ... Who else could force Iran into a corner they can simply not get out of? ... He's not perfect. As free traders, we don't always agree with his trade policies. He could be a little more measured in what he says, too. But he's the President. He's likely to be re-elected. And he leads the country which we have more in common with than any other, from our language to our shared history on the battlefield, from Flanders to Helmand Province [in Afghanistan].”

Handelsblatt (DE) /

Johnson needs to watch out

Being too close to Trump could become dangerous for Boris Johnson, Handelsblatt comments:

“Trump's enthusiasm for the Brexit is easy to understand. The 'America-first' president sees this as a unique opportunity to divide the EU, whose stubbornness on trade issues has irked him for some time now. ... He believes an isolated Britain that is desperately seeking new partners will be easier to deal with. A willing helper in Downing Street would suit the US president just fine. Johnson is using the show of solidarity to frame himself as a man who gets things done. But the Tory needs to take care lest he be perceived as the US's lapdog. That could quickly backfire on him in Britain.”