Bomb attacks in Sweden

Several people have been wounded and a number of buildings damaged in a series of bomb attacks in the Swedish cities of Malmö and Linköping. The culprits have yet to be identified but they are presumed to be members of criminal gangs. Sweden's press has concrete ideas as to how the state and society should deal with the surge in gang crime.

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Expressen (SE) /

Extreme behaviour must not become the norm

Politicians must act swiftly, Expressen stresses:

“So far the government has done too little - and too late. ... What we need now is a strong counteroffensive to stop the spiral of violence. Here are a few measures that could be taken: make sure young people who break the law are dealt with quickly and firmly. Allow key witnesses and anonymous witnesses. ... Make field work attractive for police officers. ... Extreme behaviour must not become the norm.”

Aftonbladet (SE) /

Focus on preventing violence

Swift action is vital, Aftonbladet urges:

“Before Christmas Police Chief Anders Thornberg sent proposals for preventive measures to the Ministry of Justice. For example so that schools could receive help and vulnerable children could be quickly identified. Everyone knows that the best protection against crime is growing up in a stable family. ... Sweden must disarm the criminals. Much, although not everything, revolves around tough police measures. Politicians must give Thornberg and his team the means and the tools they need to do their work. But they must also lend an ear to the pressing calls from the police for social welfare measures.”