Hungarian opposition wants to take Budapest

Three opposition parties want to rout Hungary's ruling Fidesz party from Budapest's city hall in municipal elections this autumn. Budapest residents have until today, Wednesday, to choose between representatives of the three parties in a primary. How much sense does this opposition tactic make?

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Magyar Hírlap (HU) /

Experience doesn't count nowadays

Inexperienced politicians have no business running for mayor, journalist Katalin Kondor writes in outrage in the pro-government daily Magyar Hírlap commenting on the candidacy of former TV host Olga Kálmán:

“Until now I naively thought that to run for such a high position which has a direct impact on the lives of millions you had to have credentials, a diploma or a couple of years' experience. After all, there must be a reason for people taking the long path through the institutions. Because by occupying what are initially minor posts you gather experience and become fit for larger tasks. Unfortunately, however, in our crazy world things happen the other way round - as this example clearly demonstrates.”

Azonnali (HU) /

Good training for the opposition

Azonnali explains why the local elections this autumn are extremely important for the opposition:

“The elections won't see Viktor Orbán voted out of office - we shouldn't entertain such illusions. But it's important that those who govern Hungary once Fidesz's 'system of national cooperation' comes to an end get used to the fierce defence of interests and political confrontation. This will make clear who starts to stumble in a difficult situation, who is corruptible and who has true potential to be a politician.”