5G standard: Latvia takes the lead

Latvia has become one of the first countries in the world to introduce the new-generation 5G mobile network standard. The country's leading mobile network operators LMT and Tele2 put several 5G base stations into operation in July. The Latvian press is delighted.

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Diena (LV) /

A historic summer

Diena is thrilled at the introduction of the new mobile communications standard:

“This summer will go down in our country's economic history as the start of the 5G era. Although the arrival of 5G has not yet made an impact on our day-to-day lives, as far as mobile phone technology is concerned this summer will go down as a historic turning point. And it makes no difference who first introduced the technology [LMT or Tele2]. Because most Latvians understand the fundamental truth about the market economy: competition between companies is good for consumers - because of lower prices, better terms of use and a more consumer-friendly stance.”

Dienas Bizness (LV) /

No reason to be scared

The talk about health risks related to 5G networks is nonsense, according to Dienas Bizness:

“Unfortunately, many people in Latvia believe in conspiracy theories and don't trust either the experts or the scientists. This testifies to a widespread distrust of the authorities and a certain crisis of democracy. ... Whereby this theory about 5G being dangerous is a relatively harmless example because it's so dumb that only few believe in it. ... Why do we trust a doctor less than we trust a homeopath or alternative medicine practitioner? Why do sellers have more authority than scientists? All this affects the way people interpret the world and the state.”