Slovakia: four charged in Kuciak murder case

The Slovak state prosecutor's office has charged four people, including entrepreneur Marián Kočner, with murder for the killing of journalist Ján Kuciak and his fiancée. Kuciak and his partner were shot in their home in 2017. The crime triggered mass demonstrations against the Slovak government which culminated in the resignation of ex-prime minister Robert Fico. The press voices relief.

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Denník N (SK) /

Encouraging news

Dennik N sees this as a historic day:

“Marián Kočner has been charged for contracting the murder of Ján Kuciak, in which the latter's fiancée Martina Kušnírová also lost her life. If the public prosecutor's office can prove he committed the crime he faces 25 years in prison, or even life imprisonment. The latter is more likely, even if none of the other crimes Kočner is suspected of can be proven. Despite all the skepticism that exists in the country in the face of a growing number of suspected cases of corruption it is encouraging to learn that the double homicide could now be punished.”

Pravda (SK) /

A frightening realization

Pravda shudders at what the case has revealed:

“At first, there was scepticism about whether this double homicide would ever be investigated given the tense political climate. But then there were growing signs that the investigators were taking their task seriously. Gradually a world of mafia practices and bizarre relationships began to unfold. Now this story that sends shivers down your back is reaching its finale. But what has now become clear is the realization that in our country murderers can be bought to kill journalists is frightening.”