Kuciak murder suspect arrested

Seven months after the murder of investigative journalist Ján Kuckiak and his fiancée Martina Kušnírová, the Slovakian police have arrested eight suspects including the presumed murderer, the daily Dennik N reports. Commentators are relieved and express renewed faith in the triumph of justice.

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Aktuality.sk (SK) /

Our investigatvie work never ends

Peter Bárdy, editor-in-chief of the website Aktuality.cz, for which Kuciak worked, hopes that the police have found the perpetrator:

“Day in, day out, we wait for news confirming that the investigations are moving in the right direction. That the investigators have really taken the murderers and those who hired them into custody. For that reason I also hope that further relevant information will come out about the arrest of the person from Kolárov. The news we've received so far has filled me with optimism. But the work of the investigators and the prosecutors is by no means over, and neither is ours. The murderers and those who contracted them must be brought to justice. And we will continue to expose criminal activities. That's our job.”

NV (UA) /

Kuciak did not die in vain

Journalist Ivan Yakovyna writes in Novoye Vremya that the arrest has helped to re-establish justice in Slovakia:

“This murder shook up the entire country and led to the government's resignation. If the police have really found the murderer, my faith in the global triumph of justice will be restored. And a big thanks to the people of Slovakia, who refused to let this case be dropped. They rose up as one for the protection of journalists and forced their leaders, who had shown that they were incapable of protecting the freedom of opinion, to resign. Thanks to their commitment, Slovakia will no doubt become a successful, prosperous country. To that extent Kuciak did not die in vain: his cause will prevail.”