US primaries: should Sanders quit?

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders engaged in what is likely to be their last televised debate in the Democratic primary race on Sunday. After a series of defeats in Florida, Arizona and Illinois on Tuesday Sanders is assessing whether to withdraw from the race. In the eyes of commentators, Joe Biden has already won the duel.

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Ukrajinska Prawda (UA) /

Corona helping Biden

Biden has made it clear that he is more competent when it comes to leading a state, says Dmytro Sherenhovsky of the Analytic Centre at the Ukrainian Catholic University in Ukrayinska Pravda:

“While Sanders spoke of the shortcomings of the American healthcare and social system, Biden presented himself as a leader who knows what to do under extreme conditions and can unite the country to overcome the pandemic. Although it was strange at times - both candidates repeatedly getting the name of the new virus wrong - Biden seemed much more like someone who could lead the nation through such challenges. This is expected of anyone who is running for the office of leader of the nation. The latter could be decisive for a final victory.”

Aftonbladet (SE) /

Security takes priority in times of crisis

Joe Biden's candidacy is almost certain - and the corona crisis will increase his chances against incumbent President Trump, predicts Aftonbladet:

“The Democrats obviously believe a candidate who can win over the voters in the centre will have the best chances against Donald Trump. Joe Biden is neither an inspiring speaker nor an exciting leader, but he exudes optimism. ... But above all: in crisis situations people often choose the safe alternative. ... How Donald Trump deals with the negative effects of the pandemic in the US will probably determine the outcome of the presidential elections in November. And security is not the hallmark of the former reality TV star.”

Helsingin Sanomat (FI) /

Looking for a left-wing running mate

Biden will choose a left-wing woman as his vice-presidential candidate, speculates Helsingin Sanomat:

“Traditionally, the vice-presidential candidate's most important task is to help the presidential candidate win votes. Now it is quite possible that Biden will choose a person who is more left-wing than he is to assume this task. Biden has said that this time he will pick a woman as his running mate. The vice presidential candidate for President Donald Trump is likely to be Mike Pence. But Pence is leading the fight against the coronavirus, so his position would be at risk if voters are not satisfied with the results.”