Queen hits the right tone in address to the people

In a televised address Queen Elizabeth has called on the British to be strong in face of the coronavirus pandemic, saying that she hopes that in the years to come people will be proud of how they faced this challenge. The queen normally only addresses the nation in her Christmas speech. But this message was more than worthwhile, journalists concur.

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wPolityce.pl (PL) /

A speech for the history books

WPolityce.pl is thrilled:

“It was a serious, dignified and caring appeal to her compatriots, in which she gave due stress to the scale of the current crisis. The speech will go down in the history books, and future generations will be proud of the attitude of today's Britons. The speech was watched by viewers from many other countries. There is something symbolic about the fact that in these times the ultra-conservative figure of the Queen is able to reach out to liberal people all over the world. ... Nothing needs to be added to her more than merely traditional performance: long live the Queen!”

BBC (GB) /

Invoking the right values

BBC News is also delighted with the Queen's speech:

“Given the number of Second World War metaphors and comparisons that are around at the moment - a war the Queen remembers well - the temptation might have been to draw parallels to that conflict. But the only direct reference was to her first ever radio broadcast, in 1940, when the Queen - then a young princess - and her sister Margaret, spoke to children who had been evacuated. … There was no talk of fighting, of struggle, of conflict. Instead she spoke of more peaceful national traits - 'self-discipline', 'quiet, good-humoured resolve' and 'fellow-feeling'. This was not a warrior-queen's speech; it was about collective effort.”

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (DE) /

An unparalleled moral authority

The Queen has shown just how valuable she is to her divided country, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung observes:

“Elizabeth will soon turn 94. Both for her and for the entire kingdom it must be hoped that she remains on the throne for as long as possible. Formally, the succession is secured over several generations. But no other member of the House of Windsor would be able to convey such great moral authority and such a sense of security. The fact that the government in general and the prime minister in particular are cutting a somewhat unfortunate figure right now and that the opposition is only just finding its footing highlights just how empty the political landscape is behind the Queen.”