Will the crisis change the EU's balance of power?

Although the coronavirus pandemic has hit all Europe, the financial options of the member states for dealing with the crisis vary greatly. The crisis is redefining the power relations in the EU, commentators say.

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Lost in EUrope (DE) /

Germany taking off

With each passing day the corona crisis is widening the rifts between EU member states, Eric Bonse warns on his blog Lost in EUrope:

“While Germany is taking off and new support programs are being adopted, elsewhere everything is in tatters. So not only the economic and social rifts are widening, but also the political ones. Already there are those who think that Germany can become even more powerful in the wake of the corona crisis, while almost all the other countries lose out. In that light it's hardly reassuring that Germany will take over the EU Presidency on July 1 - on the contrary.”

Trud (BG) /

Don't bury your head in the sand now

Countries that take advantage of the crisis and press ahead with necessary reforms will emerge strengthened, Trud hopes:

“We must use this time of crisis to implement structural reforms in society. For example by promoting innovation and tax breaks for start-ups and innovative companies. ... The crisis gives us the chance to get our house in order and create a better future for our children. Which countries will be the leading states of tomorrow is now being decided - depending on whether they emerge from the crisis stronger as a society or whether they stick their heads in the sand and wait for the good old days to return.”