Greece's prime minister dines with 30 people

During an official trip to the island of Icaria, Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis and his staff were filmed having lunch with 30 people. This is not the first time he has violated the coronavirus rules introduced by his own government. A telling scandal or nothing to get in a huff about?

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Liberal (GR) /

Stick to the agenda!

The pro-government website Liberal accuses Mitsotakis' critics of double standards:

“These hypocrites didn't make a fuss over a hundred demonstrators, but they did over thirty people eating a meal together in compliance with all the sanitary measures. ... If there is one thing that the PM's staff should learn from this Icaria story, it's that from now on local party leaders [the meal took place on an MP's terrace] and other risk factors should be excluded from these vital tours by the prime minister. Their efforts to cultivate their image only cause damage. One misstep should not be allowed to change the political agenda and tarnish the government's image. Excessive self-flagellation is harmful.”


A double scandal

The silence of pro-government media is doing Mitsotakis more harm than good, writes the news website TVXS:

“The fact that most of the pro-government media opted to hush things up and the government remained silent has turned this into a scandal over abuse of power. ... It happened precisely on the first weekend that the curfew after six p.m. applied. A particularly onerous measure for disadvantaged people who don't have time to go to the supermarket or for a walk every day. ... A measure that's difficult enough for a weary society that has been in lockdown for three months. ... If the news had been broadcast normally, the media storm would have already died down.”