Iran nuclear deal: setting the ball rolling again?

The Biden administration has indicated that it is seeking talks with Tehran over the nuclear deal signed in 2015 and terminated by Trump. Tehran had previously announced that it would refrain from taking voluntary transparency measures in future because the US has not yet lifted sanctions adopted under Trump. Europe's press attempts to interpret the signals from Washington.

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Adevărul (RO) /

Back to the strength of yore

Current developments could see the transatlantic tandem making a comeback, journalist Cristian Unteanu comments in Adevărul:

“That would certainly be a good thing for Nato, with its ambition of reinventing itself (which is unthinkable without America's support). But above all, it would breathe new life into multipolar alliances and show how valuable they can be for our world, which is full of uncertainty. And perhaps the governments of the US and the EU could try to use Europe's contacts to open doors that the Americans cannot open on their own in order to stem extremely dangerous conflicts.”

Club Z (BG) /

Consternation among US's allies

Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Egypt and Israel all oppose the nuclear agreement because it goes against their interests, Club Z notes, and warns:

“Ignoring their positions is the quickest way to reignite the Middle East, especially since it is unrealistic to assume that they will stand by idly while Washington tries to solve its problems at their expense. In this context, it is not surprising that the US's allies in the region see the first actions of the new US administration as a sign of political helplessness. The Arab political leaders' biggest nightmare is that the new master in the Oval Office could be called ... Obama.”