Romania: investigation into police violence closed

The Bucharest Tribunal decided on Tuesday that the investigation into police violence against protesters on 10 August 2018 will not be reopened. Tens of thousands of demonstrators had gathered to demand the resignation of the social-liberal government but the police dispersed the peaceful protest using water cannons and tear gas. The national press is disappointed by this legally binding decision.

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Adevărul (RO) /

Tyranny par excellence

For Adevărul it's clear that the separation of powers has been violated:

“This is not just about an injustice experienced by the victims at the time, but also about the broken relationship between the citizens and the state. ... In a democracy there are mechanisms that guarantee to citizens that the state will not exceed the responsibilities ascribed in the social contract. A fundamental instrument classically defined by [French philosopher] Montesquieu is the separation of powers. ... If one of the powers behaves in an abusive manner, it can be corrected by either of the other two. ... The complicity of the judiciary with the executive, directed against the citizens whom both are supposed to serve, is the definition of tyranny.”

Ziare (RO) /

Sapped of strength

The verdict puts an end to what was a hopeful beginning, news website Ziare comments:

“At the end of a year in which the state of emergency and alarm have constantly strengthened the interfering and authoritarian side of the state - in the name of protecting health - the final outcome of the investigation of August 10 shows how the state feels about its own abuse. Once again inequality has been confirmed by law, so that there can no longer be any doubt that it exists. The end of this investigation is the end of a path of hope that launched a massive civil movement. Once again our society will become emaciated and sapped of strength.”