Slovak government in crisis after Sputnik purchase

The government in Slovakia is in danger of collapsing after Prime Minister Igor Matovič purchased Russia's Sputnik vaccine without consulting his coalition partners. Two of the partners are now demanding that he quit - and commentators seem to agree. President Zuzana Čaputová summoned Matovič and Deputy Prime Minister Richard Sulík on Tuesday to resolve the crisis.

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Denník N (SK) /

President could hardly have been more clear

The President's words were unambiguous, says Denník N:

“Čaputová named areas in which Slovakia needs immediate changes: the management of the fight against the pandemic, the vaccination campaign, but also communication at home and abroad. These are all clear references to Matovič, as he is personally responsible for each of the areas mentioned. The president ended her speech by demanding that the suffering must come to an end. We have known her long enough to understand what and who she was referring to.”

Pravda (SK) /

Easy come, easy go

Pravda is dismayed by the political developments:

“People expect politicians to be predictable and credible. Matovič does not meet any of these requirements. ... It's striking how low the political class has fallen! The politicians of the ruling coalition are working hard to make sure that people will not only lose their faith in them, but also in politics in general. We're just lucky that the right-wing extremists in parliament are at each other's throats, otherwise people would flee to them as their last salvation. But even if that's not the case right now, it could well be in the future. ... Igor Matovič came to power easily, it may well be that he loses it just as quickly.”