Slovakian conservatives open to right-wing extremism

Marian Kotleba's far-right party L'SNS has presented a constitutional amendment to "protect the traditional family" to the Slovak parliament under which same-sex couples would be denied any right to raise children. The motion was rejected, but the national press is dismayed to see that the L'SNS secured the votes of 26 MPs from parties in the governing coalition.

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Pravda (SK) /

The extremists' traps work

Time and again, Kotleba's party skillfully opens up cracks in the government's camp, analyses Pravda:

“If its MPs reject initiatives of the ĽSNS, it accuses them of not truly representing conservative voters. If they approve of them, then the ĽSNS claims it isn't extremist because other parties vote the same way as it does, after all. This is how Kotleba's party is trying to improve its image. ... In this concrete case, its goal was to limit the rights of people with a different sexual orientation. The language [in the motion] is likely to result in criminal charges. But they may well fail because of the MPs' immunity.”

Denník N (SK) /

The scum is already defined as such

Denník N is worried about what might come next:

“This is not about simply continuing a senseless culture war that does not deserve attention. If 26 representatives of the government coalition raise their hands for ultra-rightist language, then that is alarming. ... Kotleba's people complained, among other things, that some lunatics had invented a neutral third gender. In other words, one-quarter of the government coalition is willing to vote for wording that classifies its opponents as abnormal. The next logical step in the eyes of the fascists and their allies would then seem to be the elimination of such scum. Mind you, they have already done so once in the country's history.”