Gates divorce: the whole world is watching

Bill and Melinda Gates have filed for divorce after 27 years of marriage. The billionaire couple has made headlines in recent years with their philanthropic donations, although Microsoft founder Gates is often portrayed by conspiracy theorists as an evil string-puller. The news of the divorce has sent shock waves through the media.

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Le Temps (CH) /

Improve financing for global health

Melinda and Bill Gates's divorce is a source of concern for the WHO and other Geneva-based international health organisations, since the couple is one of their main funders. This highlights a major problem, Le Temps points out:

“Given the irresponsibility of states [when it comes to funding the WHO], the generosity of philanthropists like Melinda and Bill Gates is very welcome. It fills a hole. But it also raises questions. ... No one doubts that Bill Gates exerts real influence on the organisation in favour of the programmes he prefers. And this happens without any democratic duty to be accountable to the citizens of the world who, through their governments, have helped to develop this high-quality health institution.”

Sabah (TR) /

Not even Melinda trusts Bill anymore

Sabah joins in the wild speculation about the reasons for the break-up:

“Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, is a man who is not content to control our lives with the communication technologies he offers. ... This is why he is mistrusted at a global level. This mistrust is also fuelled by the activities of the foundations he established together with his wife Melinda, whom he is now divorcing. The words they used to explain the decision: 'We no longer believe we can grow together', perhaps stem more from Melinda saying to Bill Gates 'That's enough, stop this nonsense'. In short, this Bill Gates is not a trustworthy person.”