A blow to international criminal networks

Investigators in 16 countries have arrested more than 800 people in a major sting against organised crime. Law enforcement agencies from across the globe worked together in Operation Trojan Shield, also known as Operational Task Force Greenlight or Operation Ironside. The suspects had been sold purportedly tap-proof phones which were in fact using an FBI network. We need more such operations, Europe's press demands.

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Jyllands-Posten (DK) /

Join the efforts now

Unlike Sweden, Denmark was not able to benefit from the operation and announce large-scale arrests, Jyllands-Posten laments:

“Operation Greenlight/Trojan Shield shows the value of being a full participant in international police cooperation, including Europol. The opt-outs [that only allow EU regulations to be adopted in Denmark after a referendum and prevent cooperation with Europol] should never have been introduced, because the current operation shows how sophisticated the criminal organisations are. ... The fact that Denmark is having to watch from the sidelines is an expression of a hopelessly outdated way of thinking. The sooner the opt-outs are lifted, the better. ”

Aftonbladet (SE) /

Cooperation is key

According to police sources dozens of suspects have been arrested and ten murders prevented in Sweden alone thanks to the operation, Aftonbladet comments approvingly:

“The police have once again shown that it takes international cooperation to bring down criminal gangs here in Sweden. No less than 250 people have been detained here since the French police hacked the encryption service Enchrochat [in 2020]. And Swedish police have now announced that in cooperation with Europol and European police they have cracked another platform, Sky ECC. The material gathered in this operation could be double that provided by Encrochat and lead to many further arrests.”

De Telegraaf (NL) /

Crime fighters must stretch the law to its limits

For De Telegraaf the situation is clear:

“With data-based investigations the police have found an effective way to expose criminals. For that reason they must now keep at it and take full advantage of these modern investigation methods. Apart from technically skilled people and creativity, this also requires the courage to stretch the law to its limits. However, investigators must ensure that they do not give lawyers ammunition to challenge the legal validity of their operations.”