Is a far-right alliance forming in the EU Parliament?

Sixteen right-wing and far-right parties have signed a declaration on reforming the EU. They are demanding that Europe respect the "freedom of nations" and accuse the Commission of imposing rules on member states. They also state that this is part of their plan to form a large alliance in the EU Parliament. As things currently stand, the various parties still belong to separate groups within the Parliament.

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Népszava (HU) /

Just a bluff

The alliance is still far from posing a real threat, as far as Népszava is concerned:

“The political declaration - for lack of a better name - published on Friday is a patchwork document which clearly shows that the signatories had difficulties finding common ground. ... They give no answer to the question of how they actually envisage the reform of Europe. ... This is not a shared populist programme. ... What we are seeing now is a political bluff.”

La Repubblica (IT) /

A pre-emptive strike

The significance of the charter should not be underestimated, La Repubblica warns:

“Firstly, because - although there is still a long way to go - this could form the basis for a united far-right group in the European Parliament. ... Secondly, because the anti-EU appeal can be credited with putting the million-dollar question on the table - the unspoken matters, the lack of clarity with which the EU has survived since the 1990s, since Maastricht. In the context of the Conference on the Future of Europe that was launched in recent months and which will be attended by governments and the Parliament, the Charter of the far right sounds very much like a pre-emptive strike aimed at stopping any discussion about abolishing the right of veto.”

Mediafax (RO) /

A big headache for Brussels

For Mediafax it feels like the trench warfare in the US:

“While an ideological war between globalists and patriots (or liberals and conservatives or Democrats and Republicans) has been raging there for some time, in Europe the camps are only now taking shape at the highest political level. The black sheep, Hungary and Poland, seem to have finally found allies. ... The conflict promises to be as ruthless as it is in the United States. The signatories of the declaration plan to meet in Warsaw in September - a real cause for concern for Brussels.”