How aggressive can journalists' questions be?

A fiery exchange took place during a press conference in Athens on Tuesday: Journalist Ingeborg Beugel started a question she was putting to Prime Minister Mitsotakis by accusing him of lying about illegal pushbacks of refugees by the Greek authorities. Mitsotakis responded angrily that he would not allow the Greek people to be insulted with unproven accusations.

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Maintain a distance from activists

Protagon believes Ingeborg Beugel has discredited herself:

“The Dutch journalist asked a very good question in the worst possible way, because she behaved like an activist, a member of an NGO. ... She seems to be someone who exploits the claims of the Turks and certain NGOs. She could have easily asked for information about the allegations of pushbacks and the videos that are circulating on this issue. ... But if you start your question with an accusing finger by calling the person you are talking to a liar, you are first an activist and only after that a journalist.”

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Greek journalists should be ashamed of themselves

Infowar, on the other hand, has harsh words for Greek journalists:

“The lies of the Mitsotakis government - but also of the other leaders of the member states and the EU itself - about the treatment of refugees should be on the front pages of all media that act not out of respect for their readers but out of respect for themselves. Instead of being offended on behalf of their country over an insightful question, they should be angry about what the question reveals. ... Greek journalists should be ashamed of the crimes they cover up, of the xenophobia and racism they have been foisting on the people for years, and of their complete inability to distance themselves from the interest groups that feed them.”