Refugee pushbacks: Frontex under fire

A few weeks ago media reports revealed that the EU border agency Frontex had not only covered up illegal pushbacks of refugees by Greek border guards, but was also actively involved in the practice. MEPs are now calling for the resignation of Frontex director Fabrice Leggeri. But commentators say the scandal goes far beyond misconduct by individuals.

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Efimerida ton Syntakton (GR) /

Frontex boss trying to talk his way out of trouble

Efimerida ton Syntakton takes a closer look at the Frontex boss's hearing in the EU Parliament at the beginning of December:

“Leggeri took the view that his investigation had not revealed any evidence of Frontex involvement in illegal pushback operations. However, his replies failed to dispel strong suspicions about the role of Frontex at Europe's borders, especially for those who have criticised the body's sprawling dimensions in recent years and called for more substantial guarantees of its oversight and accountability and its respect for fundamental rights.”

El País (ES) /

Turning borders into a Wild West

Social scientist Sami Naïr takes the EU to task in El País:

“This is not just a question of human rights violations but, more profoundly, a violation of the EU's control mechanisms. And as such, it puts the EU's identity and its fundamental values at risk. ... After all, Frontex was created to filter the arrivals in strict compliance with EU international law, and not to turn the borders into a 'Wild West' where might is right.”