The Swiss say yes to Covid pass

For the second time Switzerland has let its population vote on coronavirus measures - the only country in the world to do so. Around 62 percent voted in favour of retaining the Covid-19 certificate and hence the 3G policy [vaccinated, tested, recovered] for visits to restaurants, public buildings and events. The vote should give opponents of the measures food for thought, the nation's press believes.

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Aargauer Zeitung (CH) /

Swiss approach has paid off so far

The Aargauer Zeitung is pleased with the result:

“[The government] is pursuing a riskier strategy than neighboring countries. This is a strategy that relies to a large degree on personal responsibility. The electorate, cantons and parliament have a say in it, shaping it and setting the limits. This negotiated democracy is exhausting and often too slow for some. But it has paid off in many respects so far and is supported by an astonishingly large, if silent, majority.” (CH) /

The masks will now fall

We will now see how much opponents of the Covid protection measures really care about democracy, predicts:

“That's democracy: questions, debates, a vote and a result. One which is binding for all: the victors, the defeated, the non-voters and those without the right to vote. And which should be recorded and accepted. To refuse this is to deal democracy a hard, even fatal blow. ... The masks will now fall. Unfortunately not the ones we would all like to see disappear from our lives, but those of the self-declared defenders of freedom whose rejection of coexistence and the rule of law more resembles that of tyrants.”